Wednesday, February 8, 2012

All For One, And One For All!

Well the progressive movement has made a giant blunder now. In the interest of moving their agenda forward they have subverted the first amendment rights of the Catholic community. Now wether you believe in the teachings of the Catholic church or not, every citizen should understand this assault on what's noted as a God given right in our Constitution. The outrage shouldn't be limited to the Catholic community., but that in itself is quite enough. Here's why...

If the Catholic church followers should ever decide to unite, they number somewhere around eighty million strong. The amount of votes needed to win an election for President in this nation usually amounts to somewhere in the low fifty million range. As a voting block, this isn't a community you want to subject to infringing on their beliefs. They have the capability to kick you and your agenda to the curb. Perhaps they should take a page out of the AFL-CIO's playbook and hold a protest work stoppage day. How effective would it be if eighty million citizens decided to not participate in the economy. Not showing up to work, and not spending their income. They are known for their ability to fast! I think one day of this behavior would serve as a reminder that government has no business prohibiting the free exercise of religion. If need be a week would certainly drive home the point. As a united community the Catholic church is larger than any union, and should it seek to stretch it muscles would have a much more effective impact.

What if the Jewish nation added it's support? How about the Baptists? Let's add in the Christian community as a whole. Do you think that'd would remind Washington of the wording supplied to the citizens in the very first amendment?

United communities can make changes. The community organizer in chief understands that premise very well. He just doesn't believe we'd all find a common bond and unite to oppose one issue. That's a very bold gamble as this country hold religious freedom very dear and sacred. If we return to one of the main premises this country was founded upon and all unite for freedom, changes could be make quite quickly. The unions have nothing on us, their numbers are paltry in comparison. Time to flex our muscles people and take this country back from those who are trying to "fundamentally change" how it was founded!

God Bless
Capt. Bill

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