Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leadership Responsibility!

It's so easy to look back on our lives and see the wreckage of lost opportunity. I daresay most of us have often asked ourselves, what if? Here's the real question...

What if you had a mentor to give you the advice and steer you through the turbulent waters of life? You know all of us are trying to make sense out of our existence, and when we find answers, we often times share our interpretations with others. All of us are people of influence! With that in mind, don't we bear a responsibility to be the best informed influencers there are? So as I expand on this line of thinking, what are we reading and what intellectual property are we consuming to aid our fellow man?

It would be less than human to lack compassion for our other earthly inhabitants. By definition compassion demands we stay tuned to another's need, and have a desire to aid them in finding relief. How prepared are you to administer that aid? Experience is an awesome teacher, but applied knowledge is much less painless.

I present you with these questions because I had cause to reflect upon them myself. The need is there, thank God for the LIFE education system. No longer is it necessary to offer an uninformed opinion based on a handful of experience and a smattering of knowledge. The problems of life can be resolved with a systematic solution....

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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