Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stalk Success!

Success has a base set of principles. John Maxwell has written about them in several of his books, as has a multitude of other authors. One of the principles that is often overlooked, yet stands out in my mind is the Law of Cause and Effect. So many people in this great nation view others success through a lense of luck, as if no preparation, planning or success-producing thinking was involved. Consequently those same people often view someone's bad luck as just another random set of circumstances. There are specific reasons these random luck swings occur, and the sooner the folks realize that they can begin to improve their "luck."

Suppose you were a deer hunter, would your luck improve if you set up your tree stand at 5th Avenue in New York City, or overlooking a well traveled deer run that has been scouted for signs of recent activity? Yet when that same hunter who did his due diligence scores a big buck, he was just plain lucky. Success is not an accident. The more you practice the laws of success, the better your chances become of achieving your defined goals.

So what holds you back from making the decision to lure success into your life? Is your tree stand in downtown NYC, or thoughtfully placed where success is in abundance? All great questions, and the answers define your chances of winning the prize.....

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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