Sunday, August 28, 2011

You Have To Know Why!

I find it interesting that sectors of our society go to great lengths to diminish God. You can't even have a simple discussion about weather events without an assault on Christianity. I actually had a person tell me yesterday that hurricanes were a product of mother nature. So I had to ask; You believe in a higher power called mother nature, but denounce God as a factor? The thought process is pretty incredible, they go to great lengths to radicalize those who suggest God has his hand in anything.

So I did the research. 78% of Americans define themselves as Christians, 34% define themselves as "born again," 6% of our population subscribes to the Jewish faith. So if we do the math, 84% of America believe in God, which in my mind hardly makes us a fringe element. Yet somehow we are assigned the label of a minority school of thought. In fact, those who deny God will announce at the top of their lungs we are stupid, uninformed, and a herd of mindless sheep. They make every attempt to embarrass believers and marginalize them as the lunatic fringe. Why do we accept that?

Well they've picked at our perimeter. Scientific theory has been accepted as fact and taught to our youth, dismissing historical accounts. Biblical teachings have been removed from our school system, so the option to weigh both sides and make a personal decision isn't viable. Honestly most of the population who define themselves as Christian, don't have a solid grasp on the teachings of their faith. So when they are assaulted by those who don't believe they cannot defend what they believe and why they believe it. We also are infected with those who pervert the teachings of the Bible, a subversive attack on the truth.

In America we are free to believe and practice religion without interference from others. It's critical to know what you believe and why you believe it, and it's even more important your children understand. Because someone points a finger and tries to pick apart your faith is no reason to cower. What is driving that individual? Is it God, or is it evil? Satan loves for you to falter in your belief, that's his mission. Understand those who call you out; those who question your principles, they are not driven by our Lord and Savior, but by Satan himself. Christians are not a minority voice, unless they choose to be.......

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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