Monday, August 22, 2011

She Thanks God, She's A Democrat!

I have a vice! To satisfy my inner choleric need to debate, and my melancholy desire to correct stinking thinking, I often peruse liberal slanted blogs and interject. I found one this weekend where a woman was thanking God she was a democrat because after a non work related back injury she was able to collect Social Security disability checks. Actually she was initially denied and had to seek legal counsel to be eligible for the income. She had worked as a nurse for 17 years paying into the system prior to the injury.

Then I had to burst her bubble. I informed her that over those 17 years as an employee her and her employer had donated 15% of her income to the Social Security system. If she had earned an average of $50,000.00 a year, (I use this figure because it's close to an RN's annual income depending on the region and the math is easy), it came to a donation of $7500.00 a year. Had she disciplined herself to save that amount over the span of those 17 years, and there wasn't a government mandated deduction, she would have amassed $301,126.96 @8%,(a conservative growth rate). That means she could have lived off just the annual interest of $32,190.96 per year, which breaks down to $2682.58 a month. And she still wouldn't have touched the principle amount of $301,126.96 that's held in reserve for emergencies. It's not a tremendous income, but it's better than the government offering, and no one defines what actual amount your receive but yourself. That's called liberty, because your not at the whim of politicians, and the principle is not in jeopardy of being insolvent, (like we're told daily SSI is).

Now the government offering for those funds they withheld from her amounts to...

Example 3 - if you are age 35 and earning around $50,000 annually, your disability insurance benefits would be $1,577 per month, with a maximum family benefit of $2,901 per month. (taken from the SS website)

$1577.00 per month is smaller than $2682.58, and since she had to hire an attorney to recover the money due, it's been my experience they take 30%, leaving her with about $1000.00 a month to live on.

Does anyone believe she's still elated to be a democrat?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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