Sunday, August 14, 2011

Educators Of Old!

American glory begins to dawn at a favourable period, and under flattering circumstances. We have the experience of the whole world before our eyes...It is the business of Americans to select the wisdom of all nations, as the basis of her constitutions—to avoid their errours, —to prevent the introduction of foreign vices and corruptions and check the career of her own, —to promote virtue and patriotism, —to embellish and improve the sciences, —to diffuse an uniformity and purity of Language,—to add superiour dignity to this infant Empire and to human nature. -Noah Webster

More successfully than any other, Noah Webster, of West Hartford, Connecticut, provided tools—spellers, grammars, and dictionaries—essential to a nation digesting dialects and regionalisms into a more or less national literate voice, and he made a fortune doing it.

This is how America's youth used to be taught in school. It all hinged on Webster's "blue-backed" speller. Public school teachers used to teach a pragmatic curriculum of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Not so much today. In fact I challenge you to find more than a handful of teachers that show the dedication of the first paragraph, that is above and beyond their loyalty to their union. To those who live the dedication of teaching our youth above all else, God bless you! To the remainder, I pray you find your true calling.

Here is a last thought on the education of our youth from a man who found his calling.

"The strictest attention will be paid to the studies, the manners and the morals of youth..." He signed himself, "the public's very humble servant."-Noah Webster

Words to teach by............

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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