Saturday, August 27, 2011

So, What Part Gets You?

It's always befuddled me why any individual could hold issue with someone practicing faith. I mean, what's the down side? If as Christians or Jews we live as the text of the Bible tells us to, who is the loser? Are the people who oppose religion offended when we don't kill, or is it the not committing adultery thing that gets them? Perhaps they take exception that we are told not to steal or that's it's really not a good idea to bear false witness against our neighbor. Why not honor your father and your mother? Is it ever a good thing to be obsessed with envy and covet your neighbors possessions or wife? We could all use a lot less verbal abuse of the Lord's name, so it cannot be that offending them. Everybody enjoys a day off, so resting on the seventh day shouldn't be an issue either. That leaves the first two, and maybe that's where the problem lies.

We're are told not to have other god's before our Creator, and we it's not acceptable to create false idols to worship. Does religion step on their toes because it detracts from the attention those who oppose it get? If we are honoring just one God, that leaves absolutely no room for them to be adored. Are they jealous wanna be's? Because honestly nothing in the first paragraph detracts from society, it only enhances it! What is the agenda of those so anti-religion?

Look, we were all born sinners, and I get there is a level of hypocrisy. We never follow the commandments, the only one who did they crucified, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't try. Nothing listed above detracts from society. In fact, if we all strove to live those laws there isn't a person alive that should complain. The world would be a better place. Even the most devout Atheist has to admit they would feel better about leaving his or her house with a practicing Christian living next door, because the alternative is moral anarchy.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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