Monday, December 17, 2012

Time to Heal!

First, senseless tragedy. May God rest their souls, and bring peace to their families and this nation.

I could do a lecture here on taking God out of society. I could rail on the reactive wave of trying to ban guns. I could do this piece on any number of things that apply to this assault on humanity, but it's time to learn how to heal.

My Dad,rest his soul, had a unique way of handling death. He recognized that there needs to be a period of mourning for the loss and an expression of grief. He said, "go ahead and cry, for you've suffered a great loss."

Then came the but.

"But there comes a time when the grief must come to an end, heal your heart, because grief is but a selfish behavior."

His intent was to show that the person who had passed was who the initial grief was for. Their suffering has ended, they are now lifted into eternity. There is no more pain. To continue to grieve is only for our benefit, and by default a selfish emotion. It serves no good, and only continues our suffering. It's time to remember all the good the departed left us, and while we miss them, remember that we will be together in eternity much longer than we will be apart. This is a cause for celebration!

Keep their memories close, and celebrate your reunion in eternity.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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