Saturday, December 8, 2012

Now You Know!

Why do you suppose the President is so adamant about increasing the tax rates on the rich? Other pathways have been provided to increase tax revenue to meet his requirements, yet he stands firmly on his plan to increase the percentage number in the IRS column for people who earn six figure incomes.

Why do you suppose the President wants to polarize one income group form another? What good does it do to treat anyone individual differently from another? Weren't we all created equal, and assured equal treatment under the law? Isn't the tax code a law?

These are all great questions I'd like answered, and not with the lame excuse that they are in a better position to make the sacrifice. People with two kidneys are in a better position to sacrifice one to solve the problem of kidney failure, but it's not right to mandate they donate one for the collective good.

This is all part of a disturbing trend in our political arena. Men are pitted against women, because of an announced "war on women." Races are given reason to scrutanize at each other because they are seperated from one another with political pandering, rather than unifying them as one human race. Income rates are classified in an attempt to demonize success, and through polarization prosperity has become evil rather than something to strive for. This is America 2012.

A unified America is a dangerous thing to the politician. If the citizens didn't see things through skin color, incomes, and gender, but through what was good for the individual, pandering to a specific voting block would become extinct, and the agenda would shift to freedom. Freedom scares a politician. Freedom doesn't need government oversight. Freedom make politicians less significant. Freedom lessens their power.

And it's all about power, isn't it?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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